May 2010

National Career Development Association
Board of Directors Meeting – Conference Call

May 18, 2010

Present: President Pat Schwallie-Giddis, President-Elect Cheri Butler, Past President Judy Hoppin, Treasurer Marsha Boettger, Secretary Linda Kobylarz, North Atlantic Trustee Mark Danaher, Southern Trustee Ronald Cathey, Midwest Trustee Brian Taber, Western Trustee Charles Lehman, Governing Council Representative Spencer Niles, and Executive Director Deneen Pennington.

Trustee-at-Large Rebecca Dedmond joined the meeting at 10:15 AM

Trustee-at-Large Alberto Puertas joined the meeting at 10:20 AM

Guests: Debra Osborn, David Blustein, Lisa Severy, and Michelle Beese


Meeting called to order at 10:04 AM Eastern (Schwallie-Giddis)

Welcome (Schwallie-Giddis)

Roll Call (Kobylarz) Quorum established.

Approval of Agenda (Schwallie-Giddis)

Motion #1

Move to approve the Board meeting agenda as amended.

Moved by: Boettger

Seconded by: Lehman

Motion passed: 9-0


Old business – Add item #9-A: NCDA Platform (Boettger and Dedmond)

Old business – Add item #9-B: Mentoring (Butler)


Approval of March 19, 2010 NCDA Board Meeting Minutes (Kobylarz)

Motion #2

Move to approve the March 19, 2010 NCDA Board Meeting Minutes as corrected.

Moved by: Hoppin

Seconded by: Niles

Motion passed: 9-0


Spelling correction p. 6 Boettger


Dedmond joined the meeting.


Membership Report (Pennington)

April 2010 membership report reviewed. NCDA currently has 4472 members. Top 5 work settings of members:


Work Setting

Percent of Membership

1. College/University


2. Private Counseling Center/Practice


3. Junior/CC College


4. Business/Industry


5. Career Development Program Center

Secondary/High School




Treasurer’s Report (Boettger)

Boettger complimented Pennington’s smooth running of headquarters and collection of

outstanding invoices. CDF and International revenues are strong. NCDA Total Revenues YTD: $635,616.35 (last year YTD: $508,893.97). NCDA total Expenses YTD: $443,380.71 (last year YTD: $485,434.37). Total NCDA Reserve Accounts: $363,766.98. Annual conference prospects are excellent with anticipated attendance of 1,000. Pennington is compiling final figures for the DOWD conference, but financials looking good. Conference doubled attendance from last year.


Motion #3

Move to accept Treasurer’s Report.

Moved by: Lehman

Seconded by: Butler

Motion passed: 10-0


Note: Conference budget numbers are as of March, total pre-registrations not reflected.


Audit Report (Boettger)

Boettger reported that the Independent Auditor’s Report (as of July 31, 2009 and 2008) found no issues or problems with the NCDA financial reporting processes or accuracy. She commended Pennington and staff on an outstanding job of managing the budget and tracking financials.

Auditor suggested some additional controls. Boettger said that type of recommendation was standard procedure for an auditor and she does not see any need for additional controls.

The Audit Report will be presented at the Annual Membership meeting.


Puertas joined the meeting.



1. ACA’s 20/20 Task Force (Hoppin)

Hoppin reported that after a long process, all representatives of the 19 ACA divisions approved of a definition. An endorsement of the definition of counseling comes with the understanding that NCDA is welcome to expand upon it by adding statements about our specialty and areas of interest before or after the definition.


Motion #4

Move that NCDA endorse the following definition of counseling: Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

Moved by: Hoppin

Seconded by: Puertas

Motion passed: 11-0


Schwallie-Giddis thanked Hoppin for her perseverance in representing NCDA during this long and arduous effort.

There is still more work to be done – Governing Council needs to develop action steps.

Hoppin will write a short article to inform our membership about the counseling definition, the history of its development, and how it might be used.

NCDA will post the article on the website and disseminate by other means as appropriate.


2. Plan for Transition to New Fiscal Year (Butler and Pennington)

Financial reporting for the transition to an Oct 1 – Sept 30 fiscal year can be accomplished in two ways:

a. Long audit…14 month audit (easiest and cheapest). Pennington recommends this approach.

b. Approve an interim 2 month budget (2 month budget would require more accounting and audit work).

Table discussion until June 29, 2010 Board meeting.

3. Conference Update (Schwallie-Giddis and Pennington)

To date, registration is ahead of 2009 and reaching target (1,000) is anticipated. Conference hotel is sold out and overflow hotels are booking. Promotional materials are excellent and are achieving fine results. CA CCD has been very helpful in promoting conference locally.

International Symposium needs 60 more registrants to reach target.

Revenue sharing on PDIs with promoters and CA proving to be solid approach.

Lehman asked for help with the state leadership training meeting. Taber volunteered

to serve as recorder.

4. Gallup Survey Task Force (Butler)

Butler reported about preliminary discussion and requested ideas from the Board.

Questions: Purpose? Survey focus/population? Target audience?

Last survey dealt with people who did not have career counseling and the results.

Tentative topics for new survey: importance of career counseling, how people make career decisions and the role that career counseling can play in the progression of a person’s career development. Benefits: possibility of a book, survey will assist with our legislative agenda, and promote NCDA as the “go to” organization for career related issues.

Janet Lenz did much work under her presidency regarding another survey, so we can use that as a beginning.

Cost: last survey approximately $60,000.

Lehman suggested possible funding sources/partners: ACT – Work Keys, Career CIDS systems,

NWDP, ASCA, US News and World Report, Kelogg Foundation, DOL, and US DOE.

Niles and Schwallie-Giddis will attend Soares’ National Platform summit. Will try to discuss Gallup Survey and funding.

Pennington will provide a link to last survey document/report.

Butler will provide additional information at June Board meeting.

5. International Affiliate Status

a. Arabic Career Development Association International Affiliate Status (Pennington)

Petition from the El-Namaa (the registered entity in Egypt) for NCDA to grant the Arabic Career Development Association international affiliate status. El-Namaa is connected to the group in Egypt (International Youth Federation) that organized the CDF training NCDA conducted there. About 50 potential members. All application forms completed as required.

Next step: Place on agenda of Annual Membership Meeting to vote on approving affiliate status.

b. Career Development Association of Australia (Schwallie-Giddis)

The Association wants to “partner” with NCDA to share resources electronically and explore other possibilities.

Questions: What will we share? What precedent will be set?

Schwallie-Giddis will have further discussions with the Association and will provide more specific information for the June Board meeting.

c. Peru Work (Puertas)

Peruvian Council in the Rocky Mountain Region in the US will work with Puertas to explore ways to promote building a career development association in Peru.

Minister of Social Development seems interested.

Butler, Feller, Pennington, and Puertas will travel to Peru in mid-August to meet with appropriate parties to move the discussions forward.

6. Lobbyist for NCDA (Schwallie-Giddis)

Schwallie-Giddis recommended that NCDA contract with a lobbyist, on a part-time basis, for a one year pilot. The lobbyist would address specific, targeted items as defined by NCDA.

Several Board members expressed agreement that we need our own lobbyist since ACA does not have a major focus on career related issues.

The timing is critical with all of the economic issues facing the US.

The proposed Gallup Survey could provide powerful data to support advocacy.

NCDA’s new platform (slated for approval at the Annual Membership Meeting) will provide a solid foundation for advocacy.

Schwallie-Giddis will present the Board a formal proposal and costs at the June meeting.

7. FORD Presentation (Schwallie-Giddis)

FORD PAS will attend June Board meeting will present their proposal.

8. Nominations and Elections (Hoppin)

There are at least two candidates for each open position with the exception of President-Elect (one candidate). There are four candidates for Trustee-at-Large.

Questions: What criteria should we use for sending a slate? Should there be a limit to number of candidates for a position on the slate?

Further discussion needed regarding a clear policy for nominations and a slate.

Table for NCDA fall retreat.

Hoppin will provide candidates with an outline for providing information about credentials and qualifications so there will be a consistent format.

9. Career Developments Editor (Pennington)

Two people applied for the editor’s position and neither was deemed to have the necessary skills, experience, and/or background.

Extended editor call for another month.

Current editor will remain through the Fall issue.

Board members asked to make recommendations. We need someone by August.

9-A. NCDA Platform (Boettger and Dedmond)

Requested Board members to send comments by May 31 or indicate they have no comments.

Final document will be an executive summary and a series of appendices.

Schwallie-Giddis, Butler, Boettger, Dedmond, and Pennington to follow-up in conference call.

9-B. Mentoring (Butler)

Butler met with new Chair of the Mentoring Committee regarding focus for the committee and new approaches to mentoring. Committee very concerned about the recommended changes.

New Chair will provide a plan and recommendations about how to proceed for the June Board meeting.


10. Missouri, Washington, and Pennsylvania Career Development Associations (Re-charters) (Pennington)

Washington and Pennsylvania have begun re-charter process.

Missouri has completed all documents and has the required signatures.

Next step: Vote by membership at Annual Meeting.

Motion #5

Move to recommend that NCDA membership approve chartering the Missouri Career Development Association as a state division of NCDA.

Moved by: Taber

Seconded by: Boettger

Motion passed: 11-0

Discussion – None

11. NCDA’s Logo and Use by Members (Butler)

ACA has new benefit to allow regular/professional members to use the ACA logo.

Should NCDA have a similar benefit for members?

Questions: Who would be allowed to use the NCDA logo? Note: NCDA professional members must also be members of ACA…not too many of our regular members are members of ACA.

What criteria should be developed? What about international members? Would use of the logo be monitored?

Table to the July 2010 Board meeting.

12. Committee Chairs and Liaison (Butler)

Butler listed vacancies for committee chair positions and asked Board to send suggestions.

Boettger indicated interest in being Board liaison to Professional Development Committee. Blustein expressed tentative interest in serving as liaison to Research Committee.

Board members to send Butler their preferences.

Osborn left the meeting.

13. Publications Approval (Pennington)

a. The Internet: A Tool for Career Planning

Motion #6

Move to accept the publication of The Internet: A Tool for Career Planning Third Edition.

Moved by: Niles

Seconded by: Cathey

Motion passed: 11-0


This book has historically been a good seller with minimum investment.

b. Experiential Activities: Volume Three

Motion #7

Move to accept the publication of the Experiential Activities, Volume Three.

Moved by: Butler

Seconded by: Hoppin

Motion passed: 11-0


Volume One has been retired, Volume Two is now only available in DVD format. The suggestion was made to offer Volume Three both in print and electronic format. Those options are easily operationalized by Headquarters during the publication process.

Niles left the meeting.


c. Career Counseling Casebook Plan (print vs. e-book)

Motion #8

Move to offer the Career Counseling Casebook in full print and DVD electronic formats. (Mov

Moved by: Butler

Seconded by: Kobylarz

Motion passed: 10-0


The book in DVD electronic format only was already approved for publication in October 2009. The editors and Publications Development Council were concerned with the limitation of the electronic format only. Due to the lack of print copies, it may affect sales as well as the ability for the editors to use it as a valid publication. For this reason, the editors would like the book to be made available both in print and electronic formats. NCDA runs the risk of losing key industry publications if we limit our costs to electronic formats only.


Motion #9

Move to adjourn the NCDA Board of Directors Meeting.

Moved by: Boettger

Seconded by: Hoppin

Motion passed: 10-0

Discussion - None


Meeting adjourned at 11:28 AM Eastern.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Kobylarz, NCDA Secretary