Brief Biography Deb Osborn

Email: dsosborn@usf.edu


I have a Master's degree in Counseling and Human Systems, specializing in Career and School Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Career Counseling. Both degrees are from Florida State University. I was the first in our program to teach online, and I created the first career counseling graduate certificate in our state. I coordinate our CACREP-accredited career counseling concentration, as well as our overall counseling program and 11+ years teaching undergraduate and graduate career courses. I have been an NCDA member since 1993. I served as an associate editor for the K-12 section of Career Convergence for six years, and was a proud member of Leadership Academy 2008-2010. In 2009, I received an Outstanding Practitioner Award from NCDA.  I developed the online training for the CDF program. I was the Florida CDA president for three years, and award the FCA Counselor of the Year award in 2006. I have 26 publications and 49 state-wide and national presentations. I am a career counselor and a counselor educator. I help individuals give voice to their dreams and take steps to make those dreams come true, and I hope to inspire my students to do the same.

Debbie's Goal Statement:

My vision would be to continue NCDA's focus on the career development professional and the people we serve through creative uses of technology. Specifically, this means increasing NCDA's virtual presence, using Skype, wikis, blogs, podcasts, chats, Twitter, Facebook, Second Life and others to connect with each other and provide services in creative ways.

For members, I envision an online repository within the NCDA website, housing presentations and interactive trainings on topics such as translating career theory into practice, interpreting assessments, and building multicultural competencies. Another possibility would be a winter virtual career conference, offering the benefits of real-time presentations, CEUs, and social networking without the financial constraints of travel and lodging.

For our citizens, NCDA can help by increasing national and international collaboration with organizations, schools and businesses, and by acknowledging and providing resources for those in our society who may have little or no volition in their career choices.

I believe that we have what people need to make informed career decisions, to overcome barriers and to achieve their dreams. We have the knowledge, tools and moral obligation to continue NCDA's mission of inspiring careers and empowering lives. My vision is to increase accessibility to these resources for all.