January 6, 2011

NCDA Board of Directors

January Conference Call

January 6, 2011

Meeting called to order 12:00 Noon Eastern (Butler)

Roll call (Pennington).

Present: President Cheri Butler, Past President Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Trustee-at-large Rebecca Dedmond, Western Trustee Michelle Beese, Trustee-at-large David Blustein, Treasurer Marsha Boettger, Southern Trustee Ron Cathey, Midwest Trustee Brian Taber, North Atlantic Trustee Mark Danaher, Governing Council Rep Spencer Niles, Executive Director Deneen Pennington.


Joined the meeting at 12:20 pm: President-Elect Deb Osborn (doctor’s appointment)

Absent: Secretary Lisa Severy


Agenda (Butler)

Add: #9: International Business (Pennington)

Add #10: Endorsement for Goodman for IAEVG Board Position (Butler)


Motion #1

Move to accept agenda as revised (Appendix 1)

Moved by: Rebecca Dedmond

Seconded by: Ron Cathey

Motion passed 10-0.


Motion #2

Move to approve October 30, 2010 meeting minutes (Appendix 2)

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: David Blustein

Motion passed 10-0.


Membership Report (Pennington) - Appendix A

Pennington reported a total of 4484 members as of December 2010. HQ has started a Promotional Membership category in the database so we can track the # of new members as a result of our targeted marketing.


Treasurer’s Report (Boettger) Appendix B

As of the end of November, the total NCDA revenues are at $97822.48 and NCDA expenses of $87293.49. The format of the report has been changed to do to the changing of the fiscal year. The yearly comparisons would be meaningless since the new fiscal year starts in October instead of August. The yearly data comparison will resume next year. Financially, NCDA is strong.



  1. Government Relations Specialist (Schwallie-Giddis and Dedmond)

Advocacy Associates (Stephanie Vance) has been recommended by the Government Relations Committee, as the leading candidate for the NCDA position. It is their recommendation to hire Stephanie’s company and her proposal was provided to the board. The board was impressed with Stephanie’s past work with NCDA and with the expertise evident in her proposal.


Motion #3

Move to direct the Executive Director to enter into negotiations with Advocacy Associates to contract with them as the NCDA Government Relationship Specialist. (Appendix 3)

Moved by: Rebecca Dedmond

Seconded by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Motion passed 10-0.


2. CDF Curriculum Revision (Dedmond)

CDLA (David Reile and Barbara Suddarth) has been hired to revise the CDF Curriculum. The revision is more considerable than the fees set for FY 10-11 ($30000). The remaining balance for the work will be budgeted next fiscal year. The CDF Advisory Council has outlined the work to be done, after conducting a CDF survey and researching the needs of the CDF Instructors and Master Trainers. CDLA plans to subcontract some of the work to other NCDA members to include subject matter experts that otherwise would not be involved. This is a significant enhancement to the current curriculum with expansions and new material to ensure the integrity and relevance of the subject matter. This program is a significant source of NCDA income and with the pending international business; the CDF Advisory Committee feels it appropriate to make this investment. Powell and the CDF Curriculum subcommittee from the Advisory Council will be monitoring the revision work. Slated deliverable date is in the Fall 2011.


3. Membership Recruiting: Membership Benefits vs. Non-Member Recruiting (Osborn and Butler)

NCDA has secured a mailing list of all 7900 NACE members. A letter (Appendix 4) will be sent to all NACE members along with a conference brochure to encourage their participation. A three-month trial membership is offered so that each new person who signs up will receive one magazine and one journal. After the three-month trial, the new member will receive a renewal noticed at the prevailing membership rates and we will track how many remain as NCDA members and attend the conference.

4. ACA Conference Plan (Butler)

  • All of the conference hotels in the New Orleans Convention Center area are close to or exceed $200 per night. There are other nice hotels within walking distance of the ACA Conference which are about half the price. Butler gave the option of either sharing rooms and booking at an ACA host hotel, or paying half price for those who want single rooms. The other option is to book at a non-conference hotel, at half the rate which will require members to walk to the Hilton and the Convention Center. Discussion ensued and everyone agreed to book at the ACA Conference Hotel (Hilton). Pennington to make a block and work through the details on double vs. single occupancy.

  • Cathey reported on the ACA Community Day which is scheduled on Thursday, March 24th in the morning. ACA’s plan is focused on Train-the-Train Workshops mainly focused on mental health assistance for the poor and indigent populations in New Orleans. Cathey, as the NCDA Representative to this effort, felt it more appropriate to reach out to other community organizations so that NCDA members can provide career development services. Catholic Charities has several agencies who are interested in our assistance with resume preparation, job search strategies, etc. Cathey will be finalizing the logistics of the services we will provide and it will be posted on the website so we can recruit other NCDA members to help. The Catholic Charities agencies include an Adult Education Center, Culinary Institute, and a homeless shelter.

  • Pennington will send out the final logistics so that everyone can get their airfare booked. Please do so immediately to get the best rates. Everyone should arrive on Wednesday (those planning to attend the Community Day) and depart either Saturday (for those not registering) or Sunday (for those registered). NCDA will sponsor an exhibit booth – Pennington will send out a schedule and all board members are encouraged to work one 3-hour shift.


5. NCDA Conference Update (Butler)

Butler and Pennington traveled to San Antonio to meet with the Program Chair and finalize all conference presentations and events. The International Reception will be hosted at the UT San Antonio’s International Cultural Center which is adjacent to the Grand Hyatt. The Southern Texas Counseling Association will support the rental cost of this reception. All PDIs, Keynoters, and presentations have been confirmed. We look forward to a successful event in San Antonio.



6. Arizona CDA Bylaws Revision (Pennington)


Motion #4

Move to accept the revised Arizona CDA Bylaws (Appendix 4)

Moved by: Michelle Beese

Seconded by: David Blustein

Motion Passed: 11-0


7. Fellows Committee Recommendation (Schwallie-Giddis)


Motion #5

Move to accept Raymond Davis as an NCDA Fellow

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: Ron Cathey

Motion Passed: 11-0


8. Leadership Academy (Cathey)

Cathey presented to list of applicants and the 6 recommended members to be included as the newest Leadership Academy Participant for the next year. Discussion centered on the need for better recruiting regionally so that the trustees have a broader pool of applicants from which to choose. We need to ensure better regional representation in the Academy.


Motion #6

Move to accept the Trustees Recommendation for Leadership Academy Participants for FY 10-11 and FY 11-12 (Appendix 5)

Moved by: Ron Cathey

Seconded by: Brian Taber

Motion Passed: 11-0


9. International Business (Pennington and Butler)

Pennington reported on the status of existing and new international CDF:

    • Peru – The CONAFU (commission for emerging universities in Lima) has offered to financially support an NCDA Delegation. The Delegation will host a 2-day professional development conference for university leadership and staff. A specialized presentation of the CDF Training Program will be incorporated in the hopes that an eventual partnership will form among these new universities. Appointments will be made to further promote the development of an affiliate organization in Peru. Puertas will lead the Delegation. No membership dollars will be used to support this trip which is tentatively set for March 2011.

    • South Korea – Julia Park and her company Lux Coaching has signed a licensing and translation agreement with NCDA. Julia has been an CDA Instructor for quite some time and has attended many NCDA events. She is also involved in the Pan America CDA organization that is forming among many Asian countries.

    • CANEDCOM and Ministry of Education in Oman – Ross Amerie has asked for a training contract for the spring of 2011. Thirty Omani Education leadership will be training in CDF. The agreement should be signed shortly and training will take place this Spring/Summer.

    • Egypt – Ahmed Mostafa continues to offer his CDF training programs in the MENA region. His 6th offering is being conducted now. He has sent a report which will be forwarded to the board. The board commends his commitment to NCDA.

    • By the end of the fiscal year, we hope to have some movement with the International Youth Federation (work in Jordan) and with Psychological Assessments Corporation (work in Taiwan)

10. NCDA Support/Endorsement for Jane Goodman as IAEVG Board Member

NCDA has been approached by Jane for support in her bid to run for the IAEVG Board. This endorsement is consistent with their election policies and since Jane is Chair of the International Relations Committee, her participation on the IAEVG board is helpful to NCDA. There will be no financial assistance offered and the President will work with IAEVG to cast our votes to support Jane.


Motion #7

Move to support/endorse Jane Goodman in her bid for an IAEVG Board Position

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: David Blustein

Motion Passed 11-0


Brief update on the Hyatt Labor Situation (Pennington and Blustein)


Pennington had a brief phone conversation with the Hyatt National Sales Representatives over the holiday break. A conference call with the Labor Relations Director at Hyatt’s National HR Office is being scheduled shortly with Pennington, Blustein, Osborn and other board members interested in listening in. News of other labor challenges are hitting industry-wide in San Francisco, Chicago, as well as the news from Boston. NCDA will move forward with the exploratory call to express our concern about workers rights. We also need to make the membership aware of our endeavors and report back on the data we collect. Pennington was also asked to contact sister organizations (NACE and ASAE) to get a benchmark on their experiences with these labor union situation. More discussion will continue at the March Meeting.



Move to adjourn the meeting

Moved by: David Blustein

Seconded by: Deb Osborn

Motion Passed 11-0


Meeting concluded at 1:05pm.