BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Rebecca Dedmond


Current career development qualifications and experiences include a Ph.D., LPC, and advocating for comprehensive career programs for all youth and adults. As a Director who possessed a Masters in School Counseling, I created the Freshman Transition Initiative (9th grade), wrote and validated Freshman Transition Course Standards that culminate in a Ten Year Career Plan for ALL youth, and designed the Ten Step Leadership Plan. This model is being adopted nationwide. I conduct professional development at national, state and local conferences. (www.freshmantransition.org)

Other qualifying positions include serving as Executive Director, Virgin Islands Resource Center for the Disabled (career focused); Director, School to Work/Career Federal Grant for the U.S. Virgin Islands; co-founder, The Connections Group, a non-profit that secures computers and designs programs for faith-based centers that service unwed mothers and persons with disabilities and works with employers to create appropriate jobs; establishing Career Centers at the three Universities in Ghana, West Africa; Career specialist for the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education.

NCDA service from the 1970s included roles as secretary, then president of the Virginia Chapter; NCDA legislative chair and national conference program chair level; an NCDA Global Career Development Facilitator for 9 years and Trainer for 3 years.