Eminent Career Award

NCDA Eminent Career Award


The Eminent Career Award is based on a nominee’s overall contributions to the field of career development. When evaluating a nominee’s contributions, her or his accomplishments are considered across a range of career development activities, including contributions in the areas of theory, practice, leadership, and scholarship.


To qualify for the NCDA Eminent Career Award, a nominee may have excelled in any one (or more) of these four areas. For instance, an individual whose contributions to the theory of career development are particularly noteworthy and markedly substantial to the field may possess adequate qualifications for the award. Similarly, someone whose contributions in the area of leadership within the field of career development are profound and far exceed the leadership contributions of most career development professionals also may qualify for the award. However, it is important to note that nominees whose contributions are noteworthy across two, three, or all four of these domains are particularly well suited for the NCDA Eminent Career Award. For all nominees, all contributions in these domains should be frequent, noteworthy, and sustained over a substantial period of time. A nominee’s involvement in and contribution to the National Career Development Association also will be considered when evaluating nominations for the award.


The ECA Committee is composed of the last five recipients of the Eminent Career Award, and is chaired by the member who was the earliest recipient of the award. If that member is unable to serve, the next earliest recipient will chair the ECAC, etc. If a person cannot serve, the ECAC may select another fifth member from among past award recipients.


Under the direction and leadership of the Chair of the NCDA Eminent Career Award Committee, committee members may devise a system of evaluation for their review of nominations to support the outline of qualifications noted above. Below is a summary of the three stage process that will be followed in identifying the annual NCDA Eminent Career Award winner.


Stage 1: A nomination consists of a letter to the NCDA Executive Director with the nominee’s name and a brief statement related to the four criteria submitted to NCDA by January 31st.


To increase the pool of potential nominees, NCDA Headquarters staff will send a letter or e-mail to past award recipients, trustees, committee members, and leaders of other career-related organizations (e.g., Society for Vocational Psychology, ACRNA, NECA, NACE, ASCA) seeking nominations for this award. Upon receiving nominations, NCDA Headquarters staff will check to make sure the nominee has been an NCDA member for a minimum of 5 continuous years. The nominee may be living or deceased.



Stage 2: The Eminent Career Award Committee reviews the nominations by March 15th and solicits up to three full, complete nomination packets from the nominator(s) for submission by May 1st. The completed nomination packet will consist of a specially formatted vita and up to three letters of support from persons who are not current professional colleagues of the nominee. The letters should speak to the nominee’s qualifications relative to the criteria.


The specially formatted vita should include the following information:


  1. detailed employment history

  2. activities in the areas of teaching, research, and service, including categories listing publications and presentations (refereed publications and presentations should be noted)

  3. professional accomplishments, recognitions, and awards

  4. professional memberships

  5. professional association and other leadership activities

  6. consultations

  7. summary of any professional work leading to the development and application of theory in research and practice

  8. summary of any professional work that has had a direct or indirect impact on practice, especially innovation and dissemination at the national and international levels



Stage 3: The Eminent Career Award Committee reviews the completed nomination packets and makes its decision about an Eminent Career Award recipient for the year by May 23rd.


NOTE: It is possible that no award will be given in a particular year.