New Web Tutorial - Coming Soon!

Career Development Practitioners – what can NCDA do for you today? Every day, 24/7 in fact, NCDA offers practical resources that can assist you in inspiring and empowering your clients/students. The only problem might be identifying these resources when you most need them. You need an expert guide to NCDA resources.

Live website tours will be available at the NCDA Global Career Development Conference and Career Practitioner Institutes. A recorded online version of "Resources for the Career Practitioner on the NCDA Website" presented by the NCDA Website Editor, Melanie Reinersman, will be coming soon.

State Career Development Associations and other groups will be able to share this tutorial in a group setting.  First, organize your group and set up an internet connection, monitor and audio speakers.  Second, print the accompanying Practical Resources Handout which details the resources (including opportunities for professional development and volunteering).  Third, show the tutorial (watch for a debut date in 2016).  Finally, ask the participants to discuss and share the following:

  1. What resources on the NCDA website are you already using with your clients?  Describe your successes with these resources.
  2. What resources did you learn about from the tutorial that you wish to begin using?  How might you immediately implement or take advantage of these resources?
  3. Who else might benefit from this tutorial and how could you share this with them?