Graduate Students Can Apply for $250-$500 Grants

Deadline: Feb 20

NCDA Graduate Student Research Grants $500 each

NCDA Mentor Research Grants $250 - $500 each


The NCDA Graduate Student Research Grants and Mentor Research Grants are for work on a doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis approved by the student’s institution, which may or may not be completed at the time of application. To be eligible for these awards, the student must have an approved master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation proposal at the time of application, or have a completed thesis or dissertation within the past year. Proposals will not be accepted for a thesis or dissertation that was completed and defended prior to February 1, 2013. Applicants must be an NCDA member (or student member).


Click here for application: Graduate Student Research Grant Awards


See the NCDA Awards section for complete details about all awards.