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Ohio AgriBusiness Association
5151 Reed Road,
Suite 126-C
Columbus, Ohio 43220
Tel:  614-326-7520
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Email: info@oaba.net

As a member of the Ohio AgriBusiness Association, you are part of a commercial agribusiness state trade association, which traces its history back to 1880.

You have joined with others doing business in Ohio, who are manufacturers and wholesale/retail suppliers of plant nutrient and protection materials, the grain warehousing and marketing industry, the feed and seed industry, as well as companies providing equipment, financing, insurance, consulting, and other products and services for the agribusiness industry.

You understand and agree the mission of OABA is to promote an active, professional, profitable and environmentally sound agribusiness industry by identifying and addressing issues.

OABA supports its members by providing:

  • Governmental Representation
  • Education & Training
  • Information Services
  • Member Services
  • Industry Networking

You have a distinct advantage in agribusiness because you utilize OABA benefits and services.

It pays to know more about your association!

You are encouraged to know, communicate and interact with your OABA officers, board of directors, staff and committees. More importantly, you will be the benefactor by becoming more involved with your association. Volunteer today to serve on a committee - it's a 'Win-Win"' experience!

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OABA Antitrust Compliance Policy

The Ohio Agribusiness Association is committed to fully complying with federal and state antitrust laws, and we encourage all of our members make the same commitment. Below you will find an official copy of OABA's Antitrust Compliance Policy, as well as a customizable template your company can adopt if you do not already have one in place.

OABA Antitrust Compliance Policy—Click here to view a copy of OABA's Antitrust Compliance Policy.

Suggested Company Antitrust Compliance Policy—Click here to view a copy of OABA's Antitrust Compliance Policy.