OABA Industry Excellence Awards

For the purpose of honoring excellence, professionalism and achievement among OABA member companies and their employees, thereby encouraging that same excellence in others.

OABA is now accepting nominations for three award opportunities: Achievement as an Emerging LeaderExcellence in Customer Service and Excellence in Safety & Stewardship. Nominations can be submitted by any industry professional, but the nominee must work for an OABA member company. Additional details on each award are below. Nominations are due no later than July 30

2022 Industry Excellence Awards

Sponsor 20212022 award recipients will be recognized during the 2022 OABA Industry Conference. Winners will receive complimentary registration and lodging for the conference, recognition in industry publications and a $1,000 cash award. 

Thank you to our 2022 Awards Sponsor: Assured Partners - ABIS/J.H. Ward. 


Emerging Leader

Achievement as an Emerging Leader

Leadership at all levels in agribusiness is crucial to navigating the many issues facing the industry. Leadership is often difficult to define in everyday activities of business, but it remains an important ability to cultivate. By working to recognize leadership among those early in their careers, we can provide guidance that shapes their future, as well as that of the industry at large.

Outstanding nominees will exhibit leadership ability in day-to-day activities, while encouraging others to "do the right thing." Nominees should put the needs of their business above of their own and serve as a leader to emerging agriculturalists through local civic organizations.

Click here to download the Achievement as an Emerging Leader Award nomination form.

Dustin Photo Overlay2021 Recipient - Dustin Ramsier, Tyler Grain & Fertilizer Co.

Dustin Ramsier, agronomist for Tyler Grain & Fertilizer Co., shows that a willingness to listen for the smallest detail not only improves recommendations, but develops strong customer relations that keeps farmers coming back. With a passion for agriculture and a knack for innovation, he meets customers’ needs wherever they are, whatever their goals.


Past Recipients

Recipients were employed by the company listed at the time of receiving their award.

Customer Service

Excellence in Customer Service

Whether your agribusiness is grain, crop inputs, custom application or another sector of agriculture, providing excellent customer service is key to making that business successful. By recognizing those that go “above and beyond” in their service to customers, we can help define what excellent customer service looks like as we honor those whose contributions may often go unnoticed.

Outstanding nominees will demonstrate exceptional service to customers in carrying out their day-to-day work, whether it's in a front line sales position or not. Nominees should demonstrate a level of serving others that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of the job description. 

Click here to download the Excellence in Customer Service Award nomination form.

Past Recipients

Recipients were employed by the company listed at the time of receiving their award.

Safety & Stewardship

Excellence in Safety & Stewardship

As an underlying element of business, safety cannot be over-emphasized. Lack of attention of the safety of employees and customers can result in loss of life and business. Stewardship, too, is an extremely important aspect of he best management practices of today’s agribusiness. Stewardship goes beyond responsible care of the environment. It means care of facilities, equipment and relationships to the benefit of all involved.

Outstanding nominees will demonstrate safety and stewardship in day-to-day activities and interactions with customers, encouraging others to put safety first and be good stewards of equipment and land. 

Click here to download the Excellence in Safety & Stewardship Award nomination form.

Becky Photo Overlay2021 Recipient - Becky Williams-Wagner, 3Bar Biologics, Inc. 

Becky Williams-Wagner, principal scientist at 3Bar Biologics, Inc., knows all too well that proper safety procedures require strategic planning and a dedication to ingraining processes into company culture. As the company continues to expand, Becky’s leadership and science-based approach is key in writing and developing protocols for new experiments or tasks in the lab.


Past Recipients

Recipients were employed by the company listed at the time of receiving their award.


The nomination period for the 2022 Awards is now open! Details on how to nominate a deserving individual are available below. Nominations must be submitted no later than July 30.


In order to be eligible for an OABA Industry Excellence Award, nominee must be an employee of an OABA member company at time of nomination. If selected as an award recipient, the individual must remain in good standing with the nominating company in order to receive the award at the conference. A nominating company may rescind the nomination of an announced award recipient before its presentation if the company determines the recipient is no longer in good standing with its company.

How to Apply

An accurate and honest evaluation of the applicant’s business activities and performance is necessary to be considered for an OABA Award. All information provided in this application will be kept confidential throughout the selection process. To complete your entry, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the appropriate award nomination form and answer all the questions within. There are questions for both the nominee and the person nominating.
  2. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from customers, managers or industry leaders.
  3. Provide one (1) professional headshot of the applicant. An additional four (4) photos that strengthen the application should be included. Photo subjects may include the nominee interacting with customers, nominee in their usual work environment, facility photos, photos of the nominee and their family or other appropriate topics. Still photos only.

Nomination Forms


Submit nominations by o:
Ohio AgriBusiness Association
Attn. Nicole Volk
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Nominations are due no later than July 30.


Please contact Nicole Volk with any questions about the OABA Industry Excellence Awards.
Phone: 614-326-7520, ext. 4