Oaba AmptGet AMP'T!

Emerging leader? Aspiring executive? Prepare yourself to take that next step!

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association is pleased to offer its members a wide variety of leadership opportunities through the Advancing Modern Professionals for Tomorrow Program. The program offers leadership opportunities at all levels to prepare leaders to take the next step in their professional careers.

The AMP'T Program consists of the following programs:


Tomorrow’s agribusiness leader will need to be nimble and lead change in addressing workforce pressures, consumer demands, and governmental challenges, all while fostering networks and collaborative work styles. Emerging agribusiness leaders can build their skills through LAUNCH – Leaders Achieving Unexpected New Career Heights – to rise to the challenges and opportunities facing agribusinesses today and tomorrow.

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Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness Program

Even though women have been working in agribusiness for decades, there are particular challenges that face women in professional agribusiness roles. Through small group discussions and input from members, OABA is pleased to offer a forum for women who are looking for resources from experts and peers alike to face these challenges - the Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness program.

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OSU Leadership Center

OABA is pleased to partner with The Ohio State University Leadership Center, granting members access to outstanding professional development workshops. Beyond being able to register and attend online and in-person classes, OABA members also have special access to bring course selections to their locations or work with OABA to host an event in their area, open to the general membership.

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Crestcom International

With members in mind, OABA has partnered with Crestcom International, a globally recognized leadership development organization, to offer Crestcom’s results-oriented, live facilitated leadership development program in a virtual environment. The 12-month Crestcom Leadership Development program includes two live 2-hour courses each month for a total of 48 hours of interactive leadership development experiences.

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