Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshops

Because of space limitations and more demand than seats at our 2024 in-person Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshops, as well as a high rate of employee changes and interns coming in, OABA’s Safety & Risk Management subcommittee has planned additional Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshop trainings for 2024 in an online, on-demand format. Since the 2022 online version is not outdated at this time the committee is making the virtual workshop, designed to help participants become more aware of the chemical properties, proper handling, cautions and hazards when working with anhydrous ammonia, equipment, and containment. The training features experts from both within and outside of the industry, including those from the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

CLICK HERE to register for 2024 Online Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshop Training.

Once registered, within 2 business days participants will receive an email with a link to the online course. Please provide a valid, unique email address for all participants when registering. Participants must attentively watch all video portions and complete the assessment at the end of the course in order to receive a Certification of Completion. A certificate will not be sent until all portions of the course are completed in full. Upon completion of the course, the Certificate of Completion will be emailed directly to the participant at the email address provided during registration.



If you are interested in sponsoring this event or other OABA events, consider becoming a 2024 OABA Sustaining Sponsor. More information about the sponsorship program is available at or call 614-326-7520 (select option five).

Program complies with Ohio Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety & Health Administration training requirements for anhydrous ammonia.


None at this time.