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Support for H.R.4288: The Agricultural Labeling Uniformity Act

The Agricultural Labeling Uniformity Act provides legislative clarity that while states have every right to build on the federal government's baseline regulations, they should not have the ability to contradict the scientific findings of EPA. The act provides certainty that the tools supporting modern agriculture and the supply chain will remain safe and available. This bill has bi-partisan co-sponsors and is endorsed by 350+ grower, commodity and industry organizations who recognize the importance of pesticides for farmers, developers and sustainable farming systems.

Recently, some states have begun adding additional and conflicting regulations on pesticide labeling. Because of this, your access to tools you’ve used your entire career—including one of the most commonly used pesticides—is in jeopardy. Should this continue, other crop protection chemistries will also soon be at risk, making your job even harder and threatening your livelihood. 

Fortunately, bipartisan legislation has been introduced and is progressing in Congress to address this—but this effort needs your help. You can let Congress know you support this fix by editing and sending a customized version of the pre-drafted letter below based on your experience. The future of farming in America may depend on it! 


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