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OABA Signs Letter Addressing Concerns Over EPA's Proposed Formaldehyde Regulations

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association, along with several national trade associations from the agriculture industry, has recently provided feedback to the EPA regarding the 2024 Draft Risk Evaluation for Formaldehyde under the Toxic Substances Control Act. This evaluation, crucial for the future of formaldehyde usage in the U.S., impacts fertilizer production—a key element in both national and global food supply chains.

The draft evaluation proposes setting a new occupational exposure limit for formaldehyde at 11 parts per billion, which is substantially lower than current European standards. This has raised concerns about potential severe economic impacts and challenges in meeting these stringent standards without disrupting the U.S. and global fertilizer markets.

The feedback from the Ohio AgriBusiness Association and other stakeholders focuses on ensuring that the EPA’s final risk evaluation considers the practical and economic implications of any new regulations, maintaining essential fertilizer production while adhering to safety and environmental standards.

For a more detailed understanding of the implications of these proposed regulations and the full text of the stakeholders' comments, click here.


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