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Connect with Future Employees and Provide 4R Outreach

The Fertilizer Institute is working with the Nutrients for Life Foundation to incorporate the 4Rs into its high school curriculum materials. Additionally, NFL has incorporated the 4Rs into its FFA reward program, Helping Communities Grow. These actions provide you an opportunity to connect with future employees and assist with 4R outreach.

NFL, funded with strong support from the fertilizer industry, provides science-based information on the role crop nutrients play in feeding the growing world. Through their efforts in schools, NFL created Helping Communities Grow, a program exclusively for FFA chapters that rewards students for developing a community-based program using NFL’s curriculum. It encourages FFA members to communicate the vital role nutrients play in feeding the world, nourishing plants and the environment, and contributing to the overall well-being of the local community.

Fostering a partnership with local agronomic businesses and farmers is an important component of Helping Communities Grow. Agribusinesses are encouraged to reach out to their local FFA chapters, and let them know how they can help based upon their area of expertise. In the past, agribusinesses have given a tour of their facility, assisted with plot development, demonstrated how to take a soil sample, showed crop deficiencies, served as an expert during a classroom lesson, and much more. These relationships have yielded benefits for both parties as it expands the FFA member’s knowledge about agriculture and the diverse careers available.

Nationwide, FFA chapters are currently planning for their upcoming projects. The Ohio AgriBusiness Association encourages you to consider this opportunity and support NFL’s efforts, as it will benefit your organization and the FFA chapters. If you are interested in participating, visit the program website and identify your state’s NFL contact that can help connect you with a local, participating chapter. For more information, visit the program website or you can contact Dee McKenna (